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You will write a one-page single-spaced paper demonstrating how you think the assigned theorist would respond to one of the questions listed below.  You are required to read the chapters relevant to your theorist with regards to their theoretical approach.  You may want to supplement chapter readings with Internet research as to which theoretical approach the selected theorist would generally use, such as conflict theory, functionalism, critical race, feminist, queer theory, or symbolic interaction.  In addition, you need to take into consideration how the theorist sees societal changes (refer to chapter four or additional readings).  Your paper will demonstrate confidence and competence in your knowledge of society and the sociological perspectives.


Choose one question to address:

How do human societies originate?

What is the role of language in the formation of society?

What is the role of religion in the formation of society?

How does social order cope with societal changes?

Do human societies have a direction?

How are societies maintained?

How do societies change?

How is communication possible?

What is the relative influence of cooperation and competition within and between social groups?

How does cultural change relate to societal change?

What are the social functions of power?

Is inequality inevitable?

Is democracy possible?


Choose one Theorist:

Karl Marx

Emile Durkheim

Max Weber

Gerhard Lenski

Jane Adams

W.E.B. DuBois


Or other theorist of choice

Here is a link for other famous sociologist:




Analysis is due on Wednesday, February 8th, and is worth 25 points.

1 page single-spaced. 


This paper is design to improve your critical thinking ability; help you understand and apply sociology to theoretical questions.  The student may utilize Internet resources for their references; however, the resources must be scholarly and must be included in the reference list. 


The paper will be scholarly in tone and will be organized in a coherent manner.  Contractions and colloquialism are to be avoided.  The past tense should be used throughout.  The writer will not refer to him or herself in the first person. 

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