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Choose one of the Family Policy Topics (below) and present a debate, where YOU take both sides.  You will also use this topic as a basis for Assignment 2.  In Forum 5, tell us what topic you’ve chosen and present information defending one side of the debate on that topic. (For Forum 6 you will need to defend the opposite side of the debate.)


Family Policy Topics

(This is a work in progress—help us improve this list! What should we add, subtract, or modify?)

  1. work and family
  2. elderly care
  3. homelessness
  4. teen pregnancy
  5. mental illness
  6. juvenile justice
  7. health care
  8. domestic violence
  9. gambling
  10. poverty
  11. homosexual rights
  12. special education
  13. childcare
  14. defining marriage
  15. war and the family
  16. education
  17. economy
  18. imprisonment for marijuana use
  19. racial disparities in imprisonment rates
  20. family medical leave
  21. minimum wage
  22. immigration
  23. divorce laws
  24. paid maternity/paternity leave
  25. Early intervention programs

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Details of discussion attached....

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