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Assignment Details and Rubric
This week’s Assignment consists of watching a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc. and answering
questions regarding the use of new technology as a means of improving communication between
employees and customers.
Sandwich Blitz, Inc. has a great problem…an increase in the number of customers! Employees have
been consistently reporting that they are overwhelmed by the volume of customers and management
has noticed that the number of reported errors in customer orders has increased. Dalman and Lei
have decided to adopt an e-customer order system that will allow customers to input their own orders.
This would address the issue of employees being overwhelmed by the increased pace of the
Dalman and Lei will first communicate their decision to the managers who report to them in an e-mail
communication. They are aware of how important it is to exhibit professionalism and business
etiquette in constructing an e-mail message to the managers. It is important for Dalman and Lei to
gain the support of the managers since they will have key roles in leading this change at the store
Referring to Kotter s Eight Steps to Leading Change from the text, as well as the other required
reading from the text, describe what management must do to lead this change in technology to
automated customer service by creating an e-mail message (type it in a Word document) from
Dalman and Lei to Sandwich Blitz s middle management, addressing how they intend to implement
each of the steps in the change process. Is email an effective channel to send this message Why or
why not What are potential communication pitfalls in this scenario and how can they be avoided
Be sure to construct your message in a clear and professional manner. The goal of this
communication is to inform the managers of what is required to lead this change and to gain their
support in its implementation at the store level.
Student Checklist:
1. Clearly identify the problem that Dalman and Lei are faced with.
Unit 9 [140: Introduction to Management]
Page 2 of 3
2. In a Word document, compose an e-mail message from Dalman and Lei to Sandwich Blitz s middle
management, explaining the steps necessary to manage this new technology change, and
addressing the questions above concerning communication channel and potential pitfalls.
Note to Students: The main portion of your paper consists of the message about the change, written
from the perspective of Dalman and Lei to the managers. Before or following this message, address
the other parts of the assignment regarding the following: the problem that Dalman and Lei are faced
with, the effectiveness of email as a channel to communication this message, and potential
communication pitfalls in this scenario.
Submission Instructions:
Draft your Assignment paper at least 2 double-spaced pages in length, using size 12 point font in MS
Word format. Be sure your paper is well written in paragraph form, with correct spelling, grammar,
and punctuation. Be sure to name your file according to the Kaplan file-naming convention.
Submit as an attachment to the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox for grading before the close of the unit.
AB140 Unit 9 Grading Rubric Percentage Possible
Content, Focus, Use of Text and
Clearly identified the
problem that Dalman and Lei are
faced with in the scenario.
Explained steps to manage
the change.
Addressed questions
regarding communication channel
and pitfalls to avoid.
50% 20
Unit 9 [140: Introduction to Management]
Page 3 of 3
Analysis and Critical Thinking:
Responses demonstrated critical thinking
and analysis and exhibited application of
30% 12
Spelling, Grammar, and Format:
Clear business writing. Spelling and
grammar are acceptable.
Formatting follows instructions.
20% 8
Total 100% 40

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