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  • SWOT Analysis with Balanced Scorecard and Causal Scorecard. 300-450 words with 1 source

full assignment below, i need help with theh bullet above.  The SWOT analysis and score cards should be based on implementing a training program at Chick-fil-A.  See previous assignment (attached) as a reference.



Prepare a 1,800 - 2,000 - word Consulting Project  utilizing your APA Manual 6th edition format and the APA sample paper that I have posted.  You may use information from past weeks.


Include the following in the Final Project:

  • Create a Table of Contents.
  • Develop a Company Background on the selected company.
  • Create a Project Proposal.
  • SWOT Analysis with Balanced Scorecard and Causal Scorecard 
  • Project Plan 
  • Develop an allocated Budget.
  • Develop Key Factors:
    • Objectives
    • Functional tactics
    • Action items
    • Milestones
    • Tasks
    • Resource allocation
  • Analyze success factors.
  • Develop strategies to monitor and control implementation.
  • Create a Communication Plan.
  • Create an Evaluation Plan - describe methods to evaluate the project's success.
  • Develop at least one tool such as a survey, focus group questions, etc. to measure the project's effectiveness.


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