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Hi, I need a lovely tutor to help me revise my essay attached called "Critical essay week 7" and I don't know what title to provide and I need to fillled it out with 2 pages long and I only have one. Please help me, I will appreciate it alot.

Benavides 1
Diana Benavides
Professor Coquilla
Philosophy 1301
5 May 2017
I adhere to the Aristotle argument. What he states is pure truth and aligning. Many people are
educated but the fact that they are educated does not mean that the education is hindering them
from crime and another bad thing. Aristotle calls for something preocular the habituation element
in doing things. In his call, he says that through repeat a system can be developed. To be morally
right people have to practice the element of morals and virtues continuously. It is only through
the repetition of good habits and morals that by the end of the day one will develop the
component of self-actualization and thus continue doing good (Fletcher, 2014). Plato argument is
baseless as sometimes even the god people in the society have changed and become monsters
and the evil ones change to be true in their ways thus Plato argument does not hold value.
To change the child through habituation would require that the children be shown the ethical
way from the childhood days. The process should begin with the teaching the children what is
expected of them in their life. What is ethical right and what they should do? After this then the
children should be shown the repetitive way and the process should continue until the kid has
understood the right process. Habituation is imperative in that it is through these that ethics are
fostered in the minds of the kids. If every person is virtuous, then the community will change.
Understanding each other would be the way forward. References
Barrow, R. (2015). Utilitarianism: A contemporary statement. Routledge.
Fletcher, R. (2014). Apuleius' Platonism: The Impersonation of Philosophy. Cambridge
University Press.


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