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Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD)                                   April 2011- Present

·      Create and prepare weekly and monthly status reports to ensure clients consistently received timely and complete information

·      Coordinates assigned programs, workshops, and processes for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established guidelines and procedures while increasing participation

·      Collaborates with staff for the purpose of organizing, implementing and coordinating workshops and training sessions to support parents, staff, and community members

·      Increased program attendance by 25 percent by gathering data, conducting observations, and using assessment feedback for ongoing program improvement

After School Coordinator

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)                                                September 2007- June 2011

·      Increased student participation by 15 percent while effectively managing student recruitment,

enrollment, scheduling and registration procedures to meet program attendance goals

·      Carried out HR procedures and practices for staff recruitment, screening, hiring, and termination

·      Reduced employee turnover to less than 2 percent in the first year 

·      Executed and maintained program management processes and disciplines in the areas of: program schedule and quality management; human resource management; cost management; procurement management; change management

·      Coordinated with all site-based student support services, including Student Assistance Programs, Student Success Teams, Health Advocates, Healthy School Teams, Peer Resources, Wellness Centers, and Health Promotion Committee.

·      Identified, trained, and supervised teachers, paraprofessionals, volunteers, parent liaisons, and community partners to implement academic, recreation, and enrichment activities.


Saint Mary’s College of California (EGD 3/2018)

·      Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D)

Saint Mary’s College of California

·      Masters of Business Administration- Executive MBA Program (EMBA)

University of San Francisco (USF)                                                            

·      Bachelors of Science- Organizational Behavior and Leadership (OBL)


·      Logistics: managing multiple tasks and working to concurrent deadlines

·      Financial: developing, administering, monitoring, reconciling and acquitting budgets and organizing activities within budget

·      Organization: planning tasks and managing time effectively in a fast-paced/ changing environment

·      Administration: closely scrutinizing work, with attention to detail/accuracy, document management

·      Initiative: following procedural guidelines while demonstrably innovative

·      Independence: working equally well independently, as directed, and as part of a team

·      Communication: bilingual in English and Spanish

·      Proficient user of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook), QuickBooks; Windows and Mac OS; Type 75 WPM with complete accuracy.



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