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For this unit, you will discuss school issues that influence at-risk children and youth and examine school structures, programs, and services that are most effective for helping at-risk youth in the educational setting.

Describe several qualities that you feel make up an effective school environment. Be very detailed and specific. How do these qualities address the needs of at-risk youth? How might these qualities help the overall school structure and serve as a protective factor for at-risk children and youth even outside of the school environment? What kinds of policies and programs would help ensure that at-risk youth and/or children with special needs are successful in school? What can advocates do to ensure that these qualities, programs, and services are consistently implemented in school systems and that the schools adhere to legal and ethical guidelines?

Part II:

The juvenile justice system serves many needs, including, but not limited to, prevention, treatment, incarceration, probation, aftercare, and community integration. You should complete the assigned readings for the unit before the Seminar and come prepared to discuss the following topics:

  • Describe the concept of an IEP and the process for establishing an IEP?
  • Who would you involve on the IEP team and why would you include those people?
  • What kids of information would be important to gather before establishing the IEP?
  • What specific services, resources, programs, etc. would you want to advocate for when writing the IEP?
  • How would you work with the IEP team to implement and evaluate the IEP?
  • What are the legal responsibilities of the school and the teacher?

In your text this week, read the following:

  • Chapter 5, “School Issues that Relate to At-Risk Children and Youth” and Chapter 7, “School Dropout”

Review the following documents

A Guide to the IEP from the Department of Education

PowerPoint: Elements of Effective Schools

Watch the following videos:

Department of Education: Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEP 101: What is a Special Education Advocate?

A professional advocate talks about why you need an advocate in your school IEP meeting


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