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CT12-1The financial statements of Apple Inc.are presented in Appendix A.


Answer the following questions.


(a) What was the amount of net cash provided by operating activities for the year ended September 27, 2014? For the year ended September 28, 2013?

(b) What was the amount of increase or decrease in cash and cash equivalents for the year ended September 27, 2014?

(c) Which method of computing net cash provided by operating activities does Apple use?

(d) From your analysis of the September 27, 2014, statement of cash flows, was the change in accounts receivable a decrease or an increase? Was the change in inventories a decrease or an increase? Was the change in accounts payable a decrease or an increase?

(e) What was the net cash used by investing activities for the year ended September 27, 2014?

(f) What was the amount of interest paid in the year ended September 27, 2014? What was the amount of income taxes paid for the same period?

Financial Reporting Problem Part II

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to the basic process involved in the analysis of the cash flow statement. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources:Appendix A of Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 

Note:This is a two part assignment. 

Part 1 

Answerquestions A-F in problem CT12-1 in Financial Accounting(p. 640). 

Providean 875-word analysis of your findings. 

Includeconclusions concerning the management of the company's cash.

Part 2 

Completea 1,050-word summary of findings and recommendations from the following questions: 

  • What is the par or stated value per share of Apple's      common stock?
  • What percentage of Apple's authorized common stock was      issued at September 27, 2014?
  • How many shares of common stock were outstanding at      September 28, 2013, and at September 27, 2014?
  • Calculate the payout ratio, earnings per share, and      return on common stockholders' equity for 2014. 

Usethe Week 5 Excel® spreadsheet and submitwith your analysis and summary.

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